Kaide Ellis reflects on his first year in Super League so far and discusses his hobbies away from the field

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Kaide Ellis reflects on his first year in Super League so far and discusses his hobbies away from the field

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Kaide Ellis says since joining Wigan Warriors he has discovered there are no easy games in Super League with every team being up for a battle.

The prop joined the club during the off-season after previously being with Penrith Panthers and St George Illawarra Dragons in the NRL.

Ellis states being part of the team that won the Challenge Cup is something that means a lot to him.

He said: “It’s been really enjoyable. It probably helps a lot being at a club like Wigan, it would probably be a lot harder making the transition if you were struggling and weren’t winning games.

“At the start of the year I wanted to come over and win some trophies, so getting the Challenge Cup was massive.

“Going to Tottenham was pretty cool, the football stadiums are very impressive here. Just seeing that many people there, and all the Wigan fans behind the try line.

“We of course topped it off with a win too, so that’s probably my favourite stadium at the moment.

“The DW is pretty special as well.

“Something I have found, everyone turns up when playing against Wigan and wants to give it to you. Other packs come and try to take you out.

“For me there hasn’t been any easy games this season, even the ones with big scorelines.

“Every team is up for the games against us. Just speaking to the lads, there’s a couple of times you might go into a game and they’ll be saying that it won’t be easy.

“I’m enjoying my footy and winning the games. I like the challenge, and every game has been tough.

“I’ve noticed a lot of teams aren’t structured, and play unstructured rugby. Where in the NRL you can work things out a bit more.

“It’s a really good brand of football.

“When you played Toulouse, they were just throwing it around looking for kicks.”

Ellis says since arriving in England he’s been experiencing plenty of different things away from the pitch, including helping one of his teammates with their coffee ratings.

He also admits he’s been trying out a few other different sports, but still isn’t fully sure what is happening when watching football.

“I’m always going around the Jai trying different coffee places, so I’m often with him when he’s doing his reviews but I probably don’t get into it as much as him,” he added.

“I’ve been going for a couple of games of golf, because I want to get into it a bit more. I used to play a fair bit back home, so it’s something I’m very interested in.

“I do love my cricket, so I’m trying to get a game, but with football I’m still learning.

“I’ve watched a couple of matches but I don’t really know what’s going on. I might try the fantasy to try and get into it a bit more.

“I might try to get along to a game to experience the atmosphere, maybe a rivalry one.”

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