Wigan Warriors: Liam Marshall praises the strong connection between everyone in the current squad

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Wigan Warriors: Liam Marshall praises the strong connection between everyone in the current squad

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Liam Marshall says building a strong bond amongst the squad and with the fans has been an important thing for Wigan Warriors this season.

Matty Peet’s side face Leeds Rhinos this Friday at the DW Stadium in the semi-final of the Super League play-offs.

Marshall states Wigan have enjoyed a good run of form this season due to the commitment throughout the team.

He said: “You come into pre-season and you want to work hard to get the rugby right, but quite a big thing for us was reconnecting with the town of Wigan and creating bonds between the lads.

“You can sometimes come into work and speak to the same people and gravitate to little groups, but we do things like having longer breakfasts and have topics we talk about.

“At first it felt a bit forced but now it is the standard. As the season progresses it does go a long way, it’s just wanting to turn up for your mate and wanting to win for them.

“It’s the same with the whole town, you see a lot of the same faces coming to the games, and you build a bond with them.

“We want it to be like this for a long time ahead. We want to have that connection and stay together as a group.”

Ahead of last month’s victory over St Helens, the current Wigan team met former captain Andy Farrell.

Marshall jokes he had to control his emotions during the talk with the club legend.

“I think I met him when I was a kid, really really young,” he added.

"I think it’s one of my earliest memories, my dad introduced me to him, and he picked me up.

“Watching him on the sidelines, he’s probably one of the best ever players to play for this club, and I have a massive amount of respect for him.

You could see pre-game when he spoke, everyone’s eyes were fixed on him. He was speaking from the heart and is a Wigan lad who has done it all, so you’ve got to respect that and listen.

“It was a privilege, I was maybe a bit star-struck, but couldn’t be fangirling for too long.

What he’s done for the town, and gone on to achieve after is incredible.”

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