2022 Recruits - Review

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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review

Post by CheshireWarrior »

Iain Thornley, surpassed my expectations at centre in the handful of games he has featured in, was very skeptical when we resigned him, not a bad player, just don't see enough of him on field.

Patrick Mago, I think he's just the ticket coming off the bench in spells. Clearly a 'marmite' type player for fans but for me, he does exactly what's required and always seems to be looking for an offload too! Fitness worked on in the off season, no reason for him to go imo!

Abbas Miski, was always a fringe type signing with no real risk involved. Remembered he scored 4 trys against someone at the DW, still felt then he has a far way to go.

Mike Cooper, if anything, he age was a deterrent for me, 34/35 seemed a year or two too far. I think he looks very sharp, looks like he has a good attitude and solid performances from my money, expect a solid 2023!

Kade Ellis, I agree with others, very good start to his season and again he probably has fell down the pecking order, certainly solid enough with a good work rate when he plays, happy to see him here next season!

Cade Cust, not quite sure where I stand, if asked who's been the standout halve this season it has to be Harry Smith. There's no doubt he has creative flair in the halves and capable of game management overall. Like others, was impressed when I've seen him spelled at 9 (and I didn't see him as a hooker when first signed). I don't think he's quite been the player presented in the media (especially down under with the NRL confused as to why he left Manly with so much potential). I do sincerely believe he has been playing with injury though to his credit. For me its a lets see how he goes in 2023.
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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review

Post by southportcdm »

Smith and Cust were our best half back pairing this season and should still have some improvement to come. It's a bonus that Cust can play 9 too and it does give us some flexibility if Powell and/or O'Neil are out. Now that Tommy has retired, moving Cust to 9 is always going to involve moving Jai to 6 and Bevan to 1 which is a formation that we could have tried a bit more this season. I think too much was expected of Cust when he arrived (didn't some bookies have him as favourite for MOS?) but overall, he's shown lots of promise. He's still young and, provided that his injury problems don't recur, I think there's plenty more to come. I know we can't just sign keep signing more players but I do wonder if we're a little light at half back for next season.
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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review

Post by buttmonkey2 »

Not a great fan of judging overseas forwards based on their season debut. Many struggle to adjust to the lifestyle and tactics. For me, only the really true class forwards shine through as soon as they arrive.

Cust - Didn't live up to the hype created by the Manly fans prior to his arrival however a very decent professional and took some of the creative pressure off Harry (which was obvious), is 6 his best position? Been said before - reminds me of Blake Green

Ellis - Initially looked really good..... then got the ban. Never recovered from that and couldn't force his way back into the starting line-up

Mago - I like him. We utilise him badly but he is an impact prop who we don't allow to have an impact. Has talents other props don't have and for that reason I don't write him off

Thornley - Never a fan when he came through the ranks. Wasn't impressed when we re-signed him then left again. Didn't want him a third time. Done nothing to suggest he was the answer to our centre problems (ignoring his injury issues)

Miski - I think was a panic signing when the club thought French wasn't returning. No chance of getting ahead of French (if he stays) or Marshall. Overall a waste of an overseas spot when we have very few "spare" if and when a genuine quality overseas player becomes available

Cooper - A player I wouldn't have envisaged at Wigan at the start of last season. A good pre-season and he could really make a difference in the pack - his post contact metres are something we have lacked for a while
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