2022 Recruits - Review

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2022 Recruits - Review

Post by DavidB »

Now the season is over, I wanted to get people’s thoughts on the players recruited for this 2022 season. At the time, I thought we’d made some shrewd signings but now I have a different view (hindsight is a wonderful thing!)

Cust - 7/10: Solid player whose first half of the season was better than the second, mainly due to the injuries he sustained at CC Final. I think last night showed the value he’s brought in supporting Smith but he’s not had that superstar impact the media made out he would. Think 2023 will be a better year for him

Ellis - 6/10: Again, stronger first half of the season but he’s slowly dropped down the pecking order with less minutes etc in recent weeks. I think he’s a solid prop overall and a decent signing.

Mago - 2/10: Waste of time. Unfit, limited impact (other than against lower table opposition) and a liability from a discipline perspective. Annoys me that some fans love him because of the odd offload. Not good enough.

Thornley - 2/10: Signing him was a risk with his injury record and it’s proven to be a mistake. I feel for him as he’d clearly worked hard in pre season and had a solid start but his body just lets him down. I’d be offloading if possible

Miski - 4/10: Slightly higher score as he didn’t ever let us down when called upon but that who’s appearances have been few and far between. Would like to give him a crack on the wing if French leaves but have a feeling he’ll leave

Our 2023 recruitment needs to be strong as other teams signing well and Saints unlikely to have another injury ravaged season like they’ve had this year
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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review

Post by Blackpool_Pie »

I'd rate cust as a massive success. It just showed how much we missed him against Leeds. We lacked any sort of organisation when we had all that possession. Tommy has been a good servant over the years but cust is head and shoulder above him now. He does a lot of unseen work in attack and defence.

I think Mago is a bit of a flat track bully. If we are on top he can mix it a bit but when the chips are down he doesn't stand up at all. He can't do the minutes and can't influence a game that isn't on his terms.

Ellis is average. Can put a shift in, make tackles and get meters but I wouldn't class him as an upgrade on OliP or Shorrocks.

Thornley is injured. Shame for him, genuinely thought when he played, as sporadically as it was, he looked like he was getting some sort of form

Miski is meh. Not quick enough. Alright to play when first choice wingers need a rest but wouldn't put him in big games.
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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review

Post by Southern Softy »

If (and I appreciate it's a big if) the club can sort out Cust's injury, the I think he has the potential to be a really crucial player. We are always a better team when he plays and I want to see him in the halves not as hooker. Early on, someone likened him to Blake Green - it's a good comparison and if so, he'll do for me.

Ellis started off really well and has got less effective the longer the season went on. Don't know why but the club can't let it happen again.

Nothing to add on Mago - flat-track bully is a perfect description.

Shame about Thornley but it just didn't work and he has developed the habit of jumping out of the line and leaving a hole behind.

Miski had the worst first game for us that I have ever seen but his subsequent games have been a lot better. He might just make the grade - I hope so,
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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review

Post by Caboosegg »

Love it,

We need a prop that isn't easy to put down.

We get Mago who isn't easy to put down

People complain about Mago.
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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review

Post by fozzieskem »

Honestly I thought Ellis was fine,he did drop off a little as the season wore on but he did his job well.

Mago an odd one for me,he has the build to be one of the best but falls short at times..wouldn’t surprise me if he went home.

Thornley..sorry it was a gamble and if it had come off then it would have sorted out Wigan’s centre problem,one that really hasn’t been sorted out properly since well Gelling left but sadly it didn’t a,not much more to say really.

Miski again another odd one,to me,and I’m no expert here but you only use a limited quota spot on a player who will play in most games not a squad player,a shocking waste of a spot for me,I’m not sure he will really make it in super league he may do and prove me wrong we shall see.

Cust pick of the bunch,his partnership with Smith a joy to watch I hope he’s here for a few years to come fine player

Edited because I forgot Cooper :oops: ..solid enough and seems to be able stay out all game if needs be so why on earth with a player like him Peet went with that bench the other night all the more baffling.
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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review

Post by Blackpool_Pie »

Caboosegg wrote: Sun Sep 18, 2022 10:28 am Love it,

We need a prop that isn't easy to put down.

We get Mago who isn't easy to put down

People complain about Mago.
We need a prop who isn't easy to put down - who can run a little more than 20 yards without being absolutely knackered
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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review


Miski is bog standard , but bog standard is not going to get you a regular starting spot therefore not worth the quota spot he takes up imo.

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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review


Miski-6/10-he’s been pretty good when he’s played but the decision to use a quota spot on a back up winger still baffles me.

Thornley-5/10-again pretty good when he’s played but he’s been injured more then he’s played and long term it feels like we can’t rely on him.

Cust-7/10-A solid first season but it feels like there’s more to come. He’s a threat running the ball but needs to work on his defence.

Ellis-6/10-The lad looks like he needs a rocket up his backside sometimes. He plays within himself too much for my liking but even then, his numbers are pretty good. It looks easy with him to see why he was a fringe player in the NRL.

Mago-5/10-Some good moments and some poor ones. He’ll always split opinion but there is a player in there. It always feel like we need a bit of luck in terms of how the games going when he comes on. If we have possession and territory it’s great but like Friday, if we end up defending in our half it’s a worry and that’s not good. He needs a huge off season.

Cooper-7/10-He’s added plenty to that front row in terms of go forward and will continue to do so next season.
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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review

Post by up the junction »

I Honestly think Mago is a decent player ? Can’t understand the criticism.
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Re: 2022 Recruits - Review

Post by nathan_rugby »

up the junction wrote: Sun Sep 18, 2022 1:36 pm I Honestly think Mago is a decent player ? Can’t understand the criticism.
Do you not see for every good run or offload he does there’s an error or not being back in the defensive line ?
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