Shaun Edwards

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Re: Shaun Edwards

Post by jao711 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:46 pm

Adrian Lam would give us the backs coach that everybody have been crying out for,and he was assistant to Wayne Bennett as well as PNG coach.His son Lachlan is off contract this year also.Could do worse.

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Re: Shaun Edwards

Post by ian.birchall » Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:05 pm

Wandering Warrior wrote:
ian.birchall wrote:
DaveO wrote: If he's a good coach why is it a terrible appointment? What are your reservations?

I have a nagging doubt about him myself but its completely irrational. Just a feeling that he could be about as successful as Millward. If you have more concrete reasons for doubting the wisdom of appointing him what are they?
This hot weather is getting too much for you if you think TAP was a successful coach if you look at how he almost destroyed Wigan single handedly.
He's being sarcastic, keep up!!
Sorry, too clever for me. Glad to see DaveO has not gone over to the dark side.
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