BBC coverage of Superleague?

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BBC coverage of Superleague?

Post by ian.birchall » Sat May 18, 2019 7:06 am

Or should the title say non coverage?
After two storming Challenge Cup matches last weekend I have got up to watch Breakfast on BBC1 hoping to see the odd try in their sports report on the half hour extended news and what have I seen, nowt, nada, bxxxx all.
That might have been acceptable after the easy win by Castleford on Thursday, a mention of the score in that game would have been nice, but this morning not a word or a glimpse of a try in the Stains v Salford end to end game last night settled by a disputed video decision at the death but instead we had an interview by sports reporter with the club Wembley chef before todays FA cup final.
Someone at Superleague and/or Rugby League needs to get a grip or the sack.

If I wasn't of the grand age where I get a free TV licence I could be thinking of not paying for one.
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