Neil Hudgell issues scathing farewell comment to ex-Bradford owner Andrew Chalmers

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Neil Hudgell issues scathing farewell comment to ex-Bradford owner Andrew Chalmers

Post by josie andrews » Mon Oct 28, 2019 11:13 pm

Hull KR owner Neil Hudgell has labelled outgoing Bradford chairman Andrew Chalmers ‘rugby league’s number one delusional fantasist’ and a ‘coward’ in a scathing statement aimed at the New Zealander following months of comments directed at Hudgell and fellow Super League chairmen.

Chalmers repeatedly used his column in the local newspaper in Bradford to fire shots at top-flight chairman, with Hudgell a regular target for his criticism.

He and other top-flight supremos have largely kept quiet about Chalmers’ remarks: until now. TotalRL contacted Hudgell to see if he had any comment to make now Chalmers’ time as owner of the Bulls is over – and the Hull KR chairman did not disappoint.

“Hopefully that is the final chapter from rugby league’s number one delusional fantasist,” Hudgell exclusively told TotalRL.

“He gives responsible owners a bad name. He, and he alone, is to blame for the Bulls losing their home at Odsal through his naive and irresponsible brinkmanship. I’ve been around 15 years and pay my bills – he’s barely been around 15 months and paid some.”

Hudgell did not stop there – criticising Chalmers’ failure to attend RFL meetings to explain himself, saying: “He is a coward, repeatedly failing to turn up to RFL Council to be held to account, instead preferring his cheap shots at me and others through the local paper.

“Right to the end, he couldn’t help himself. 10000 hours in 1000 days [referring to a comment made by Chalmers last weekend about the hours he has dedicated to the Bulls] – really? An average of 10 hours each and every day? What a windbag.”

Hudgell also explained why there was a bid from several Super League owners to try and acquire the Odsal lease – a move originally revealed by League Express – stating it was more to do with trying to ensure Chalmers didn’t get hold of it.

“None of us Super League chairmen wanted to own Odsal – we never have. We just wanted to keep it out of his clutches. It belongs to the people of that great club, and I hope they get back there very soon. Farewell ‘Chalmo’, other than your comedy value, you will not be missed.” ... -chalmers/
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Re: Neil Hudgell issues scathing farewell comment to ex-Bradford owner Andrew Chalmers

Post by DaveO » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:13 pm

Well said that man. Charmers has a had more than the odd pop at WIgan and IL in his time as Bradford owner. All mouth and no trousers.

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