Third Marquee Player?

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Re: Third Marquee Player?

Post by shaunedwardsfanclub » Sat Jan 04, 2020 2:46 pm

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Mon Dec 30, 2019 7:09 am
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Stats don’t tell the story though,I’ve seen with my own eyes how good he can be,I don’t need stats for that and I’ve also seen him be very one dimensional sadly more often than not
If you don't consider statistics, how do you compare George's performances with other half backs in the league? The only way of doing that is to watch every minute of every game. Was he better or worse than Fages, Lomax, Austin, Hastings, Sneyd, Trueman etc. in 2019? How do you quantify your conclusion if you don't use stats? Has there been a more consistent half back over the last 4/5 years? If so, how do you prove it?
I don’t have to prove anything to anyone though it’s just my opinion,all of those halves you mention played better,when it mattered to me at least when they played Wigan,that’s all.

Williams hit a wall,and I’ve said this a few time’s and never kicked on after Smith left,his aimlessnkicks into the corner became a staple and all too rarely his flashes of brilliance (and there was some) became all to fleeting,he should never have signed the marquee deal and taken a chance in the NRL of if Warrington where serious,which I doubt taken a chance there because he’s become stale at Wigan and needed to move on.

Stats tell a story but it’s a very one dimensional one,the Smithees stat with his tackling was impressive but how many of those where 3rd man in etc? I don’t know or care he played well that night and that’s all that matters to me not something meaningless fretting over how many tackles or metres they cover,but if that’s the way you enjoy the game that’s good too,no right or wrong way to enjoy a game so long as we all support the game by going to them and then having an opinion on afterwards
I wasn't asking you to prove anything, I was simply putting questions out there to see if anybody could shed light on how they assessed performances of players.

Warrington have tried to sign Williams on several occasions but Wigan were never going to sell. Had they done so this site would have gone into meltdown!

I think it is fair to say that his form dipped at times last season but, in my view, that was due to us having one of the worst packs in the league - no go forward gives the halves little room to play in, which equals a blunt attack. Lomax and Farge at Saints, and Cronk and Keary at the Roosters, didn't have that problem hence they stood out. Regarding Smithies, I have no idea how many times he was the third man into the tackle, all I know is that those who went before him were judged on the same criteria, and yes he did have a good game.

I, like you, tend to form my view on what I see, but given that I don't see each team every week I need to consider supporting evidence. We never question statistics such as points scored for or against, or competition points, so why do we challenge other statistics?
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