Wakefield v Leeds game postponed after COVID-19 cases

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Re: Wakefield v Leeds game postponed after COVID-19 cases

Post by the pieman » Thu Sep 03, 2020 11:12 am

Wigan_forever1985 wrote:
Thu Sep 03, 2020 8:42 am
Thing is Rugby League is a poor sport and this is always going to be the case. A few people have commented why football could get it to work but the players in the premier league live in huge houses away from the rabble. Their spouses rarely work and if they do its even rarer they would work in a field they mix with the public like nursing or teaching etc. They also are likely to have all their food delivered not be popping into Tesco

NRL likewise is a different kettle of fish Australia lower rates and less populated living with more money so again less likely to require a second income from a spouse

We arent going to be able to put in the same measures as others its just not possible.
couple of very good points there too and agree that for RL to continue we are going to have to accept an element of disruption. There is an onus on the players to abide by the protocols in place to minimise the impact.

i looked at the cricket example too. They have basically isolated the England team away from everyone to allow them to play the test matches v West Indies and Pakistan. there is no way that RL (or many other sports) could afford to be able to do that

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