Edwards Again

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Re: Edwards Again

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AndyNick wrote: Mon Oct 04, 2021 9:57 am
nathan_rugby wrote: Mon Oct 04, 2021 8:30 am
AndyNick wrote: Mon Oct 04, 2021 7:51 am Edwards used us as a bargaining chip to get a better deal in Rugby Union. End of. Was Lenegan naive to allow that to happen? Absolutely! Were the warning signs there from the start and IL completely ignored them at the prospect of the PR coup of bringing back a RL legend from the upper reaches of Union. Without a doubt.

KR and IL made serious errors on this one and they've admitted as much, but dont for one second allow Edwards to play the victim. He knew what he was doing from the start. He was never coming to Wigan, There was always going to be an offer from union that would blow out of the water what we could afford. Looking back the alarm bells were there from the start. I guess hindsight is a wonderful thing. What bothers me more is that we don't appear to have learned from our mistakes. The Williams saga being an example of that.

We are in desperate need of an outside perspective. We've prided ourselves on promoting from within and it has been largely successful but the issue is that eyes from within can often miss root issues that are causing problems and an outside influence is needed to reset things. (Michael McGuire is a great example of this process, Holbrook going to St Helens is another) This is where we are right now. We need an outside appointment at the top with no loyalties to anyone within the setup. Look at the fuss they kicked up at Stains when Jon Wilkin was told he was no longer required. A loyal servant of the club without doubt but no longer good enough to cut it at the top level. There are a fair few in our squad who fit that description but will have squad numbers next season between 1-13.
What is the Williams saga another example of?
Not learning from mistakes. It was well known that Warrington were courting Williams. We knew the offer from them was coming to blow ours out of the water. The whole first refusal thing was completely worthless. The way it was handled meant that;
a) We looked naieve and foolish when it comes to business dealings, AGAIN.
b) It was reinforced that players can sign anything they like because it won't be enforced when the time comes.
c) One of our biggest rivals have very much got one over on us

Its not necessarily comparing like with like but the Edwards and Williams saga's were both a complete mess from a business perspective.
We had Dan on here telling us all not to worry, the Williams deal was done, he's coming home. Dan is usually spot on and I have no doubt that he was telling us this because that was what he was getting from the club. Everyone else from other clubs was telling us he's going to Wire. Ex players were telling us he's going to Wire. Either the club were completely oblivious to what everyone else in the game knew was going on, or they were duped into believing it wasn't true. Either way, just like the Edwards saga, it was a massive shambles. AGAIN!
I take o here what people say at face value but as the Williams saga moved on from the first weekend I felt he'd go elsewhere the almost total silence was a huge clue looking back but it's easy with hindsight,I would have enforced the clause buti suspect once a lawyer had stopped laughing he told the club to grow up and put a bit of spin on it
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