Sam Tomkins named Man of Steel

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Re: Sam Tomkins named Man of Steel

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Worthy winner!!! Should have won it in 2011when Rangi Chase won it. All the Castleford players did not give
Sam a vote in the hope that their player would win it. It worked.
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Re: Sam Tomkins named Man of Steel

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Caboosegg wrote:
fozzieskem wrote: Tue Oct 05, 2021 7:33 am
Charriots Offiah wrote: Tue Oct 05, 2021 1:33 am No doubt about it but without him I don't think there is any chance. What really grates is that Sam should still be playing for us.
Exactly if IL had give him what he wanted I'm sure he'd have stayed but no try to do this gs on the cheap
At the time he had been injured for nearly 2 years and was not worth his wage. Hindsight agrees we should have kept the term but at the time it would have been like offering lockers a marquee.
The injured for two years thing was and is complete bollocks. Look how much patience the club showed over Manfredi and his injury.

It’s rugby league, players get injured and you don’t bin them off once they are fit again which he was or ask them to take a pay cut from the contact you agreed with them especially when they are arguably the best player in the competition.

It was blindingly obvious at the time IL had just dreamt that excuse up to justify getting rid and people fell for it.

It was just more of the same sort of spin he comes out with when a player goes to the NRL. The public statements IL made which boiled down to him no longer being worth the money the club agreed to pay him were outrageous. I have never seen a Wigan chairman publicly slag off a player like that as long as I have been following the game.

Losing players to the NRL was one thing but managing to lose your best player to a rival SL club is just incompetent.

Les Cats have put together a very good squad which includes some very good ex Wigan players while our chairman is reduced to signing players like Thornley. IL is useless when it comes to squad management.
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