Channel 4

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Channel 4

Post by jobo »

Free to air Rugby League next season.

About time 😁
josie andrews
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Re: Channel 4

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Anyone can support a team when it is winning, that takes no courage.
But to stand behind a team, to defend a team when it is down and really needs you,
that takes a lot of courage.
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Re: Channel 4

Post by moto748 »

I wonder who will be doing the commentary and punditry? Frankly, they don't have a very high bar to pass with Sky.

But hey, I am really pleased about it. Something I've wanted for a long time.

Since back when SL was a better spectacle. :?

But hey-ho.
Nezza Faz
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Re: Channel 4

Post by Nezza Faz »

Just being FTA should be a huge boost for the game in general, as it has been with other sports, so up to the RFL and SL now !
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