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Re: Video Refs

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Lazy J wrote: Wed Nov 01, 2023 11:51 am Fully agree, the VR system in RL is one of the few things we've got right. hearing the thought processes of the video ref shows the protocols work, they start every decision with "the on field decision was" and "its from a kick so we start with onside/offisde" the VR controls the situation, show me the angle from etc. To me this shows the structure of the decision, who's making it and why. compare that with the audio from the Liverpool game, its chaotic people talking and offering decisions.

The bit I don't like, is players staying down injured so the VR will look at the tackle. we need to find a way of controlling that.
I may well be wrong with this, but is that not essentially what the green card was brought in for? If you need to stay down we'll look at it, but understand you're leaving the field. If you can get up and play, get up and play! Then let the ref make decisions on penalties, etc based on what he can see
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Re: Video Refs

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Yes, but unfortunately the green card is under-used by refs.
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