What a load of ????

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josie andrews
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What a load of ????

Post by josie andrews » Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:08 pm

Just put on Sky Sports Arena to watch Salford v Toronto.

First there were the adverts.

"Sky Sports for September"! Every sport advertised bar Rugby League ????

Then it continued to the programme that was still on, WWE Main Event!

What a disgrace of the so called sport of Wrestling! It's all completely stage managed, much, much more than what used to be televised here in the sixties & onwards with at least some part sport some part acting!

It reminds me of the film with Arnold Schwarzenegger "The Running Man!"
Anyone can support a team when it is winning, that takes no courage.
But to stand behind a team, to defend a team when it is down and really needs you,
that takes a lot of courage.

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