Latics sell off

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Re: Latics sell off

Post by doc » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:04 am

ancientnloyal wrote:The logical choice would be Bolton Wanderers. Bigger stadium, better stadium, bigger club, more support, better infrastructure and has won awards for hosting events on a weekly basis. I still cannot see logic in wanting to own Latics as a comparison.
I guess the reason why they didn't target Bolton, despite their history, is that they have won nothing of note over the last 30 years whereas Latics have won they FA Cup and by the less well informed could be seen as a "sleeping giant".

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Re: Latics sell off

Post by JeffB88 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:55 am

DaveO wrote:
jaws1 wrote:Looking through the 126 page document this
Wigan Warriors Rugby Football League Club is a valuable tenant. They pay a stadium hire fee of 10% of their match ticket revenues to the Stadium. There is a risk that should Wigan Warriors Rugby Football League Club struggle commercially, then this will have an impact on the commercial performance of the Target Group. Another significant risk would be the loss of this tenant on a permanent basis. The Target Group will enhance its hospitality business such as catering and holding events in the Stadium to generate additional income to diversify the risk of losing such tenant
When are they going to run these events? The stadium is in just about constant use all year round already with Wigan RL in the summer and Latics in the winter (basically).

You can't just erect a stage for a band to play a concert overnight for example. They take days to erect and in any case usually there will be several gigs over a few days to make it a worthwhile commercial operation.
Not just pitch based events. Part of the plans seems to be to remodel & revamp hospitality areas to maximise their use for both matchdays and other events.

Actual music concerts on the pitch are not all that common if you look around at other venues. They may have time to host two or three during the summer.