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We are going to live in such a sterile world soon.

The fear of punishment helps set boundaries and im sorry but the fact that smacking a naughty childs bottom creates a cause and effect.

If i did something wrong i got smacked (not punched to clarify) it created a clear line of if i did something wrong i got punished....

Now my wife is opposed to smacking a naughty child and uses the naughty corner. All this has resulted in is him pushing his boundaries every time.
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Re: Smacking

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Blood crazy
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Re: Smacking

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I had my botty smacked plenty when I was young and naughty. Did me no harm. I was discussing this only the other day with my pet fish and we both agreed. The fish is better than me at press-ups too.
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Re: Smacking

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I wouldn’t smack my girls they are defenceless. There are other methods of punishment or sorting out their behaviour... imo
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Re: Smacking

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I got the odd smack when I was a kid but my Dads voice was far more effective.

Had the cane, slipper and the odd board duster chucked at me at school as well. Never thought it worked as that was just the price of doing whatever it was you did. Now being banned from playing football or not allowed out a break caused much more grief.

Never smacked my two and they turned out all right if I say so myself.