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Got a hot rumour from a source inside the club, or just something you heard down the pub? Then what are you waiting for, post it on The Rumour Mill.
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Forum Rules

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1. The site owner and moderators (see the bottom of the list of messages for who we are) reserve the right to edit or delete any messages, or lock any message threads, that they deem break the rules, or are generally offensive or are otherwise deemed inappropriate. Persistent offenders may find the user login disabled. Remember, the site owner and some moderators can see the email address you used to register with the site, you are not completely anonymous!

2. Do not use text speak. This place is not a mobile phone with a limited number of letters per message, nor iz Ali G in da house so you don't need to talk like him. We don't expect perfect English but at least try and make an effort! Remember, not everyone here speaks English as their first language...

3. Do not insult other users. People may disagree with you, or you may disagree with what other people have said, but that does not make them idiots, fools, morons, cretins or whatever.

4. Swearing and bad language is not welcomed. However, if you feel it really necessary to use such words then they must be censored with asterisks or other characters as much as possible. Changing only one letter is not good enough. Make it subtle, or we will edit the word into something completely different. Similarly, rude or otherwise offensive user names and images are not acceptable.

5. Do not attempt to wind up other users (also known as 'trolling'). This includes supporters of other clubs coming on here deliberately goading Wigan RLFC fans, but also Wigan RLFC fans making derogatory comments to wind up fans of other clubs.

6. Discussions about Wigan Athletic and football in generally are not acceptable, unless they have some direct relevance to the rugby club. Most of us are not interested in that team or sport, and there are places on the net to discuss these topics if you want (try the BBC sports website).

7. Please be cautious when posting rumours of things people may have said or done. Things said 'off-the-record' should not be repeated if doing so will cause difficulties or embarrassment to the original speaker, and claims of wrongdoing or illegal activities must not be detailed unless you are prepared to stand up in court to present facts to support your case. The site owner is legally responsible for any comments posted on here, and libellous statements can get us into trouble. You do not know who is reading this site, and whilst you may have heard from "a friend of a friend of a friend" about something, you haven't seen or heard anything yourself so be very careful what you repeat. In particular, naming individuals or even strongly hinting at an individual's identity should be avoided.

8. Always name or link to your original source when quoting something from a newspaper, radio broadcast, other website, etc, for the purpose of acknowledging copywrited material.

9. Before starting a new message thread, please look to see if there are already threads on that particular topic and only create a new thread if you have something completely different to say.

10. Avoid repeating the same character or characters lots of times - it is not necessary to type ? 2000 times when ??? will suffice, similarly you don't need to put the same smiley 20 times! Also, do not excessively use large characters, silly difficult to read colours, or TYPE EVERYTHING IN UPPER CASE UNLESS YOU ARE TRYING TO SHOUT ABOUT SOMETHING!

11. Please be patient! Occasionally the site gets very busy and a little bit slow, so only click "Post Message" once. If you accidentally post a message more than once, please use the Delete button to remove the extra messages.

12. Do not post the same message in lots of different message threads, particularly if it has no relevance to any other message in that thread. If you have something to say then start a new message thread and keep to that one thread. Cross-posted, irrelevant messages may be deleted without warning.
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