New Year, New Site, New Rules

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New Year, New Site, New Rules

Post by Mike » Mon Dec 31, 2018 8:57 pm

We've now switched to the new message board system so the site should now be more standards compliant and secure than the previous version.

Along with that change, I'd like to try to reduce the somewhat toxic atmosphere that has developed on this site (and elsewhere) during the last 5-10 years. The site used to be unusually lenient with aggressive and controversial posters in the name of allowing all views to be aired. However in recent years the board has sometimes been dominated by that type of user and can be a difficult place to discuss the comings and goings at the club without attracting extremely negative responses. It would be great to get some of the users that do not often post to contribute their views once again without fear of being shot down immediately by aggressive posters.

To that end, and now we have a more complete set of moderation tools, I will be trying to enforce the forum rules that have always existed much more strictly. You can review the rules on the link below and from the links at the top of each topic. Please take careful note of rules 3 and 5.

Forum Rules

If you feel you have been insulted in a post please do not respond in kind. You should report the post and you can be sure that the poster will be warned and/or banned if they have breached the forum rules. If you respond with an insult of your own you will also be warned/banned.

If you respond to posts that you do not agree with, with insults or intentionally controversial remarks aimed at provoking a strong response (i.e. trolling), you will be banned quickly.