Site outage

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Re: Site outage

Post by Fujiman »

Great work getting site back and up.
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Re: Site outage

Post by billyc38 »

Felt like i'd lost my right arm...I go to your site everynight before going bobos...I'm so glad you managed to sort things tthanks for all your hard work
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Re: Site outage

Post by keptinthedarkfans »

Well done Mike there right you don't know what your missing till its gone. Tried reading rlfans a few times not anywhere near this site keep it up and thanks.
As for you doc God you must have been desperate. Redvee that site puts a whole new meaning to bitter nasty and gutless . :D :D
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Re: Site outage

Post by Jake »

Big thanks Mike for getting everything up and running really missed it last week when the site was down.
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Re: Site outage

Post by Southern Softy »

Appreciate the hard work. This site is as important as the club for us in the legion of the lost (that's the South of England.)

Great to have you back.
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Re: Site outage

Post by bonnieboy »

Thanks for getting it back on,i asked one bloke and he said his was still on so i just thought it was mine.
Nezza Faz
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Re: Site outage

Post by Nezza Faz »

Thanks for all your efforts Mike, must have been extremely time consuming. Appreciate that.
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Re: Site outage

Post by shaunedwardsfanclub »

Cheers Mike, it’s good to everyone again.
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