Changing of the guard

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Re: Changing of the guard

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Until the cap is done away with then all we will see is yet more lowering of skill levels and sky bigging up tedious games.

The sport faces a choice get rid of the cap and have at it and let the cards land where they may or stay on this course and see the game further wither on the vine.
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Re: Changing of the guard

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I have been watching alot of older games on youtube recently and the difference is obvious.

Older games are slower, this is giving players more time think/react.

The defensive line speed is also alot slower and doesnt seem as tight.

I do wonder how well some of the old megastars would do in the current game. The gaps and space just dont exist.

As mentioned before the obsession to speed up the game has moved the focus from skill to fitness. You can afford play boring reserved rugby league and still win now. Where as in the old games mistakes nearly always lead to tries.
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Re: Changing of the guard

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DaveO wrote: Thu Oct 31, 2019 9:54 pm RU has adapted to try and make the game more attractive over the years. Lifting at the line out was illegal, they changed that. Five point try to reduce drop goals attempts and the bonus point.

However it can still be incredibly boring. Teams almost have to cooperate to deliver a spectacle and South Africa had already said they will attempt to grind out a win v England in the final.

Penalties still determine many results as well.

Let’s not also forget that in Oz, RU is very much third fiddle to RL and Aussie Rules football.

Skill wise and fitness wise RU is far better than it was at the time of the Bath game and in my opinion RL has gone backwards in the UK particularly in the skill department. This is hardly surprising when the best players are enticed away or never even play the game e.g. Owen Farrell and Ford.

RL has lost something and it started with the 10m rule. Worst of all the rule changes IMO but I think the biggest issue is lower skill levels. Watching Wigan at times the passing can be awful and the lack of awareness of players not much better. It’s not just Wigan. How often do we see the comment “A game played by two poor teams”?

In the end it boils down to money. Money is needed to retain players and to develop them in the first place.

The return of the reserve completion might help players retain fitness and skill levels somewhat but unless the sport can attract the best athletes and keep them it’s not going to compete in the UK.

They have the best athletes playing RL in Oz and they put on some spectacular games. We need that caliber of player here.