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Charriots Offiah
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Re: Shorrocks

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Shorrocks is a great club man, he is invaluable. Never moans, trains hard and always gives his best.
the pieman
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Re: Shorrocks

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i think the majority can see the value in Joe, but equally dont think he's a regular in the 17

big decision for him if it comes to fruition. Does he stay at Wigan knowing he'll be in and around the 1st team squad and likely to win medals or go to Salford / Leigh / Huddersfield and know he'll be a 1st team regular but perhaps not win anything (i know Leigh won the cup last year)

he may perhaps earn a bit more too if he moves but i have no idea what he's on, but that will probably be reflected if he's seen as a squad player v 1st team starter elsewhere
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