Toby King

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Re: Toby King

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What a shocking way to treat a human being! 🙁
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Re: Toby King

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King to Wigan was all agreed, then Wire changed their mind once King would of cost significantly less on the cap, Wire then wanted almost double the fee from Wigan, Wigan then used that fee to get Dupree in early & signed Keighran on a free.

King doesn't want to be at Warrington, and I doubt he wants to be at Salford either, but as another user said Warrington very keen on Partington.

Powell to Wire has came completely out of the blue, he was already mulling over a couple of offers as Wigan said he has earnt the right to chose his next move, Wigan however were happy for him to stay if he wanted too.
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Re: Toby King

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Thanks for that Dan.

No wonder Warrington are in such a mess when they behave like that. Burgess has a right old job on his hands with that lot!
Got to admit our club have played a blinder on that one. Signing Dupree for a fee was money very well spent. I do think his signing was a major contributor to us finishing top of the League and winning the Grand Final. A very good player is Tyler! Keighran looks a good player who can improve with Wigan!

King has been linked with Saints who have dismissed the rumour. So what happens to him at a club he doesn't want to play for is anyone's guess. Some way to go on that one I suspect.

Once again, thanks for the info Dan.
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Re: Toby King

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Caboosegg wrote: Mon Nov 06, 2023 9:25 pm They did the same to Huddersfield so not unexpected.

As great as he went would you pay him marque money?
Are Saints going to? I doubt it and I am pretty sure we didn’t so Wire must have been paying part of his wages at Wigan. Will they do so at Saints if it is another loan? If a transfer then either Saints are prepared to pay a fee or it’s for free and King has taken a pay cut. Which if the latter might mean he regrets not doing the same to stay here.

The whole reason Warrington were supposedly going to have him back was because of the third marquee player rule meant be only counted £50k on their cap. So provided their owner was prepared to pay his wages they got a very cheap centre in terms of cost on the cap.

I feel sorry for King if this comes off. He has been messed about by Wire and while he is a professional and will no doubt do his best if he ends up at Saints being farmed out as he has been is no way to treat a player. At least when he was here he will know he was appreciated.
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Re: Toby King

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Given that his bridges seemed burnt at wire I was staggered when it was revealed he was going back it simply didn't make sense..but as Dave says he's a professional and will play where he goes and will do well for saints if that's where he ends up but not a way to treat people at all.
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Re: Toby King

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Being reported now not going anywhere. Staying at wire. I Thought for what he was costing them didn't make any sense letting him go. I'm also sure I have read somewhere that Burgess was looking forward to working with him.
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