Adrian Lam hopes 'brutal' meeting will kickstart Wigan Warriors' campaign

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josie andrews
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Adrian Lam hopes 'brutal' meeting will kickstart Wigan Warriors' campaign

Post by josie andrews » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:54 am

Adrian Lam has lifted the lid on a "brutal" dressing room meeting which he hopes will kickstart Wigan's season - starting at Leeds tonight.

He admitted he "pointed the finger" at some players for letting the side down at Hull KR, when they threw away a 14-6 lead before going on to win 19-18 in dramatic fashion.

“We played some good stuff but we let them back in with absolute garbage,” Lam said.

"We had a really long meeting in the dressing room afterwards because while we won the game, why were we making those errors? It was an honesty test and probably our best meeting all year.

“I pointed the finger at certain players who let us down in certain areas - you’ve got to be like that sometimes, we’re in a do-or-die part of the season and we don’t have any more time to muck around.

“And they like it like that, they like the honesty. Hopefully we see a response.

“There are still 12 games to go, there’s time to still climb the ladder, and that’s why the meeting was so brutal and honest because there’s no more room for second-best.”

The 10th-placed Rhinos are looking for a third straight win while Wigan, in eighth, are aiming for a second success on the bounce.

Warriors are four points adrift of the top five places and will be hoping to close the gap with a win at Headingley – they beat Leeds 34-16 back in February.

And he warned Leeds’ position in the table will not make tonight’s clash any easier.

“Leeds will be confident, we’ve addressed the fact that whatever has gone before, a Wigan game at Headingley is massive – it’ll be a tough game,” said the former player, whose last match was at Headingley in 2004.

“There are some signs we’re getting close and so I’m looking for a really sharp performance in the next week or two.” ... -1-9822134
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the pieman
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Re: Adrian Lam hopes 'brutal' meeting will kickstart Wigan Warriors' campaign

Post by the pieman » Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:34 pm

i wonder if he got any honest responses back :lol: :lol:

something isnt working as alluded to in many other threads. whether that be Lam / players / both. we have seen it many times with Moaninho with football - he comes out in the press bagging his players and they down tools and he's soon gone with a big fat pay cheque

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Re: Adrian Lam hopes 'brutal' meeting will kickstart Wigan Warriors' campaign

Post by ancientnloyal » Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:27 pm

Do or die part of the season? We have been in a die part since February!!

Click bait though, we will not improve one bit. I guarantee that.
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Southern Softy
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Re: Adrian Lam hopes 'brutal' meeting will kickstart Wigan Warriors' campaign

Post by Southern Softy » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:03 pm

I hope a few fingers were pointed back at him. It's not all the coach's fault and it's not all the players' fault - they're both contributing to our terrible season so far.

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