George Williams

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Re: George Williams

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widdenoldboy wrote:
Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:52 pm
Just seen the match, Williams' intercept try was the turning point for me. His second try where he bowled 3 props away was top notch.
Be careful mate you will upset people on here if you keep praising George.

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Re: George Williams

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Re: George Williams

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bill.inger wrote:
Sun Oct 04, 2020 2:23 pm
DaveO wrote:
Sun Oct 04, 2020 12:00 am
Looks a much better player than when at Wigan. As does Sutton. You could say it’s because they are in a better team but then the Wigan “rejects” at Salford look better than they did at Wigan. It’s not a good look that in order to improve players need to leave the club!

Very true, and if you look around for the ex Wigan players still playing at other clubs, there's a team right there who could have beaten this current Wigan side. They all left for several reasons, money, contracts, fell out of favour with Rads or Wane etc. Look at this selection.

Sam Tomkins
Tom Davies
Dan Sargeson
Josh Charnley
Ryan Hampshire
George Williams
Ryan Sutton
Micky Mac
Lee Mossop
Joel Tomkins
John Bateman
Jack Hughes

Or play Escare at fullback and Sam T half back. Hampshire on the bench with Navarette, Dudson, Greg Burke and Dom Crosby (if he's still playing)

That just highlights the players we have off-loaded.
whilst i agree that there are some quality players that have left Wigan, the argument on here doesnt stack as most of them werent fit to wear the shirt based on how they got slated week in / week out

i would say that Tom Davies and possible John Bateman (alleged off field antics aside) were the exceptions, but the rest got roundly slated and were contenders for the "scapegoat of the week, month, season awards"

Sam Tomkins (2nd spell), Sarginson, Gelling, Charnley, Hampshire, Williams, Sutton, Mcillorum, Mossop, Joel Tomkins (2nd spell) and Jack Hughes have all come in for serious loads of grief over the years. Many of them not good enough to play for Wigan according to some of the professional coaches on these boards

I dont watch NRL, but from match reports and feedback on the forums both Williams and Sutton are going well in Oz. You can argue that they have better conditions, better facilities etc, but they played well most weeks in Cherry and White, but you would never know if you read this forum

Why did they all the players mentioned leave? Some for personal ambition, wanting regular rugby, more money or they werent right for Wigan at that time. It happens in all sports, but Wigan as a town does have a habit of producing lots of players, whether they played for Wigan or not, that play in Super League. I think one of the contributing factors is clearly the salary cap, as you cant keep a squad of 25 players happy and on a decent salary. For every superstar that may earn £100k+, that is someone else earning significantly less to balance the books

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