Toby King

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josie andrews
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Toby King

Post by josie andrews »

Been asked tonight if I’ve heard about Wire not wanting Toby King now & are offering him to Saints the dirty nasty jealous barstewards!

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Wiganer Ted
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Re: Toby King

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Wire have always known he didn't want to play for them again, Wigan probably knew that as well.
When Wire said he was to return to them as they are his "parent" club we didn't have a choice but to look for a replacement.
Probably fit under Saints SC as a Fed Trained player.
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Re: Toby King

Post by Mike »

Not very organized are they.
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Re: Toby King

Post by Wigan_ITK »

Dwyer not wanted by Burgess he’s off to Salford to Partington to Wire in a swap deal.

Powell in at Wire and King to St Helens are looking done deals.
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Re: Toby King

Post by Caboosegg »

They did the same to Huddersfield so not unexpected.

As great as he went would you pay him marque money?
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Re: Toby King

Post by benjamaphone »

Caboosegg wrote: Mon Nov 06, 2023 9:25 pm They did the same to Huddersfield so not unexpected.

As great as he went would you pay him marque money?
Not ahead of some other players I feel would need those spots and money to keep in the team.

I would still be gutted to see him play for Saints though 😅
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Re: Toby King

Post by Blackpool_Pie »

As others have said I'll be gutted if he goes to saints. He will be a big signing for them. Was a big point of difference for us once he found his feet. Losing him Smithies and KPP are all big blows
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Re: Toby King

Post by Ginge96 »

I know we are all gutted about losing king but I do really think we have signed a very good player in keighran who I think once he has settled in will be one of our key players
the pieman
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Re: Toby King

Post by the pieman »

hows RedVee going on, surely it should be in full on melt down :lol: :lol: :lol:

He was absolutely c*** last year, no pace, wasnt a wingers centre, cant defend etc etc etc and wouldnt get into the Saints team unless 4th choice centre

If he does go, he be a certain starter and improve their backline over what they have got today
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Re: Toby King

Post by fozzieskem »

AHH it is what it is I always thought him going back to wire was odd to say the least as bridges seemed to have been burnt by both parties good luck to the lad.
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