Ticketmaster Sport Update

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Re: Ticketmaster Sport Update

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ancientnloyal wrote: Fri Feb 02, 2024 8:17 pm Make your own ticket - a bit of computer stuff and get it printed onto a card
It will be a real collectors item in the years to come, I can see the bidding war at Sotherby's for a knocked up ticket.

Maybe I should take a picture of Van Gough's sunflowers, print it off and sell it for millions :D
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Re: Ticketmaster Sport Update

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I think the physical season tickets should be free as otherwise it's just another cost for those who are not comfortable with technology. I doubt they would be inundated with requests as plenty of people are OK with the tech and often prefer it.

As to being environmental friendly by not producing non degradable plastic tickets, thats being a bit disingenuous as organisation like the RSPB and National Trust issue non-plastic based environmentally friendly membership cards. Wigan could do the same so my guess is it is really about saving money.
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